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PAY TO PLAY FEE 2022-2023


MSHSAA PHYSICAL FORMS good for 2 years

The Liberty High School Athletic Department will no longer accept paper copies of MSHSAA Physicals.  Parents will now use the application PRIVIT to submit all physical information. 

Please see PRIVIT quick links listed on the left for detailed information on how to submit your 2022-2023 physical information.


Parents if you have questions or problems regarding PRIVIT.  PRIVIT staff is available to help with any questions you may have.  PRIVIT'S staff is all located in Columbus, OH call them at 1.855.977.4848.

Q & A for Parents

Q.  When should I update my athletes information?

A.  As soon as possible!  Do not wait until that last minute.  As we draw closer to tryout dates the system runs extremely slow due to multiple schools clearing.  If you do not update your student at least 2-3 weeks before tryouts we can't guarantee they will be cleared in time and may be sitting out until we can get them cleared.

Q. Why does my athlete say pending/need updated?  

A.  The Athletic Dept. has not had the chance to touch your athlete (ex. you uploaded/updated recently or they are not in season).  We will update fall sports first, winter, then spring. ONCE THE ATHLETE has been touched you will receive an email.

Q. Is my student cleared?

A. Please log into PRIVIT to view this information.  When you log in make sure it says submission complete. Underneath that area it has a clearance status, hover over that area, and see comments or if you are cleared.

Q.  My students information is entered by he is not cleared/the coach can't see him?

A. Please log into PRIVIT.  This issue may be occuring because you have not added your athlete to the proper group/team.

Q.  Can I send my paper physical with my athlete to tryouts?

A.  No! Please do not send paper copies of physicals to practice.  Coaches have been instructed not to collect them.   Parents and students are responsible for their paper physicals and uploading to PRIVIT.

Q. I am having technical issues what do I do?

A. Call PRIVIT at 1-855-977-4848